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M & D is a platform for change, where you will feel empowered learning the skills needed to achieve physical, spiritual and financial stability while offering a guide on your way to true wealth. What more can you ask?
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Learn by Reading

We offer world class e-books on different topics in order to help you achieve physical, emotional and spiritual stability while building wealth. We believe that real financial freedom starts in your mind and body.

Individualized Coaching

Each person can access our team individually to help answer question regarding our courses to see if YOU are fit for them. We are focused in helping YOU achieve success.

Life Access Courses

We believe in providing our clients life long access to our courses in order to help them evolve. They will learn with us for the rest of their lives.

What We Do

Through reading, software and courses, we are determined to help people reach personal and financial. We believe the road to wealth must be accompanied by spiritual and emotional stability. We provide people of all over the world the tools needed through reading and courses to provide guidance toward what and how to reach and live a throughly wealthy and stable life.

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Our Success

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Since we opened we’ve seen the lives changed of over 250 students
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If our students don’t succeed, then we haven’t done our job. Our students have a 100% course completion rate!
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We have consistently helped people like you achieve the results they are looking for 2 consecutive years.

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We will arrange you to invest 1 hour speaking to on of our coaches where they will help guide you to what you are looking for. Get in touch with us and we can help you fulfill your potential.